Welcome to a world of Handmade decorative and wearable art, brought to your space from our creative studio in Montreal

Living with Concrete and Jesmonite

ArtsnTipsy creates beautiful handmade decorative and wearable art pieces from Concrete or Jesmonite. The products range from earrings or pendants to small decor items like teddy bears, trinket trays or even incense stick holders.


My creations are eco friendly, hand poured, sanded and sealed in small batches to create each one to be of the highest quality possible. I try to pour love into each one of my creations.

Meet the Maker

Tipsy (Tapasya) is a proud Indo-Canadian. By formal training and education she is a Business Consultant and an Educator, though she finds her true authentic self in being an artist and an artisan.
Her style ranges from eclectic and fanciful to the most traditional ancient art forms. She aspires to be a leading champion of Decorative and Wearable Art made by hand.
When she's not busy searching the real world for inspiration, she can be found buries in the fictional world of books.